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We are happy to offer the following services as an add on to our Power flushing service, if you think you may require or would like something done please let us know prior to the work being carried out and we can make any extra arrangements that may be needed.


Magnaclean Prevention is Better Than the Cure


If you have a magnaclean fitted before any problems surface, such as cold radiators, or pump problems, then the build up of sludge can be stopped. The filter can remove the black sludge deposits much quicker than new deposits can form, so your system will never reach a critical level where breakdowns can occur. With the Magnaclean limiting the main cause of heating system deterioration, you can expect your heating system to last 60-80% longer. System parts like this sludge clogged pump will not need replacing.

If You Don't Get A Magnaclean

Aside from the possible breakdowns and paying too much heating fuel, sludge damage is so common, no insurance policy covers it. As all central heating systems have sludge in them, this technique of not covering sludge is also a great way for cover providers to get out of work they feel threatens their profit margins on your individual policy.

This is a real money spinner for insurance providers like British Gas, as they will come out to a job and tell you the only solution is a powerflush. This is true, once sludge build up is so bad that it is causing breakdowns and heating problems, a powerflush is the only solution. But Powerflushing is not covered by the policy.

At the point of a breakdown due to sludge build up, your cover provider has you exactly where they want you.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Replacement.

Thermostatic radiator valve

Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to control heat given out by each radiator and increases comfort as each room temperature can be contolled individually and reduces fuel bills by not wasting heat in unoccupied rooms.

By law, thermostatic radiator valves have to be fitted on all new systems.

If already fitted on system the valves may become stuck open or closed due to sludge bulid up, and it would make sense to replace them during the powerflushing of the system.

Circulating Pump Replacement

Circulating Pump

If on inspection the existing circulatory pump is blocked with sludge etc we might recommend replacing it. We will show you the pump so you can inpsect it yourself and make the decision

Gas Central Heating Boiler Service

Boiler Service

To keep your boiler working safely, efficiently and to reduce the risk of breakdown and repairs, gas boiler manufacturers recommend your boiler is serviced every 12 months.

Having your boiler serviced and running to its maximum efficiency can save as much as 15% of household energy bills.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate

In 1996 the government made law that all landlords who rent part, or all of a property, must have all gas appliances and pipe work checked and a certificate to prove this for every 12 month period. If you are a landlord we can also provide this service to you while we powerflush your central heating system

Boiler Replacements

Electronic Descaler

We offer a fast and reliable Central Heating Boiler Installation service. We only install Energy Efficient A Rated Combination Condensing top brand name boilers, and use only the highest quality materials, yet still manage to offer very competitive prices for heating installation work.

Our Boiler Installation Team are Gas Safe Registered and fully trained to do the job to high standards. So if you are thinking of installing a new Combi Condensing Boiler We are always happy to offer you a free no obligation quotation for Central Heating Boiler installation work at a time that suits you 7 days a week.

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